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How can ESC’s Environmental Outsourcing assist My Company?

The environmental outsourcing personnel at ESC perform many of our environmental consulting services. And like our consulting and project services, our team approach of leveraging the communication and knowledge of our staff benefits our clients. All projects and correspondence are fully documented and easily retrievable for our clients own documentation systems (see the “Our Approach” section of our website for more information.)

We conduct an initial assessment to determine if outsourcing will benefit the customer. The scope of our outsource services are defined with the client based on specific criteria:

  • What key information is needed for outsourcing to work?
  • How does ESC provide the most value?
  • What are ESC’s roles and responsibilities – how do we “fit” into the company’s organization?
  • What functions should still be conducted by our clients’ staff?

Each company’s situation needs to be individually assessed to determine the best solution. ESC is available to meet your company’s needs on a temporary or long term basis. We commonly provide environmental outsourcing services based on a number of circumstances:

  • EH&S personnel leaving the client company is a very typical entry point for ESC environmental outsourcing services.
  • Growth of the client company and the need to increase the amount of EH&S support or re-assignment of management to more critical areas is another typical entry point.
  • The client company is required to cutback expenses – resulting in fewer staff or reassignment of existing staff to cover other functions.

We invite you to have us perform an analysis on the benefits of retaining outsourcing services and review with you solutions to meet your individual needs.

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