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ESC has a wide depth of knowledge regarding the compliance and regulatory needs of many types of industries. Our senior personnel’s experience allows us to provide high quality environmental consulting services including air permitting, EPA enforcement and TSCA certification consulting. Our services are customized to your specific industry or operations.

We have provided environmental consulting services to the following industries:
  • Aerospace Equipment Suppliers
  • Specialty Fertilizer Producers
  • Chemical Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Custom Furniture Fabricators
  • Electronics & Electrical Producers
  • Electroplating & Metal Finishers
  • Fire and Rescue Equipment Manufactures
  • Food Processing & Microbrew Facilities
  • Hazardous Materials Handlers
  • Local & State Municipalities
  • Marcellus Shale Drillers
  • Metal Processing & Surface Finishers
  • Petroleum Distributors
  • Pigment Processing Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical Manufactures
  • Power & Energy Facilities
  • Precious Metals Processing Facilities
  • Recycling Processors
  • Surface Coating Operations
  • Textile Manufactures
  • Engineering Firms
  • Hospitals
  • Transportation
  • Universities

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