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Litigation Support

In some situations, highly experienced personnel are needed to review environmental issues ESC can provide that expertise related to a potential or an on-going legal case, or for due diligence related to a property transaction involving a complex environmental situation. ESC can provide that expertise with custom EPA enforcement consulting and ASTM standard advising.

EPA Enforcement Consulting and ASTM Standards

A few examples of EPA enforcement consulting and litigation support illustrate the depth of ESC experience in litigation support. A client was facing inclusion in an EPA listing of a new Superfund site involving various properties that were located along a creek. Rather than bearing the Superfund costs, we worked with an environmental attorney to convince EPA enforcement to allow cleanup under the less restrictive Pennsylvania Act 2 Land Recycling and Remediation Standards. In another case, we defended another consultant’s Phase I Environmental Site Assessment report. We showed only by distorting the meaning of the terms of the ASTM standard was the plaintiff able to find fault with the report, and that the defendant’s report more than met the ASTM standard. In yet another case, we were asked to do a Phase I ASTM Environmental Site Assessment of a Superfund site. At one time, this site had four different EPA remedial project managers handling various operable units.

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