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Our Approach to Our Environmental Consulting Services

An overview of why we have over 25 years of success…

We understand our company is our people and our success is rooted in their professional development. We foster a culture that builds relationships of integrity and respect with each other and with our clients.

Each of our consultants is trained to “think for the client”, as if they were on the staff of our client’s company – with concern for the company’s goals and objectives. With this in mind, our consultants clearly and accurately present to our clients their total risk picture, including the benefits and drawbacks, of each potential solution. We review the short and long-term liabilities and then recommend appropriate methods that will minimize company exposure and protect corporate assets.

When providing environmental consulting services, ESC recognizes that a key reason to secure our services is that time and resources are in limited supply. We strive to be part of the client’s team – not a supplier that needs to be “managed”. ESC looks at the big picture while taking ownership of the details in order for our clients to be able to focus on their core business. It is the application of these core values and approach that has resulted in long-term relationships with our clients.

Defining the Project

ESC systematically approaches each project from a strategic management perspective, evaluating key criteria to achieve success. We seek to verify that:

  • The client’s needs and objectives are clearly defined.
  • The project’s impact on the client’s operation is understood.
  • The recommended solution is being implemented in a manner consistent with the client’s culture, goals, budgets and overall compliance objectives.
  • The most appropriate technological solutions are reviewed and selected to address management concerns.
  • The permit application/permit conditions are negotiated to provide operational flexibility for the company’s operations.
  • The project outcomes effectively use the client’s resources, time and money – working to reduce the cost of compliance and minimize liability.

Quality and Communications

We use our team communication methods and cross training of personnel to ensure that we can always deliver superior services and responsiveness to our clients. ESC looks to ensure each project is completed on-time and in budget. However, it is recognized that the original project scope may evolve or change. We maintain open communications with our clients and discuss potential changes in scope to quickly and effectively manage such changes. To this end, each client is assigned a Senior Consultant, supported by other key staff who look to effectively manage our client projects – providing consistent high-quality results.

Documentation on Projects

The level of detail within ESC’s project documentation and record keeping far exceeds most of our clients’ or competitor’s. We have developed documentation procedures and systems for preserving historical information on our clients’ projects that can be readily retrieved. We often find that we are in the position of providing updated information to a newly assigned manager of the client’s facility on the “history” of their situation, providing vital documents that were no longer in their files. Maintaining comprehensive client histories and transparent project information is integral to each project and to the overall servicing of each client’s account.

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