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TSCA Certification Consultants and Program Compliance

The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) of 1976 provides US EPA with the authority to require reporting, record-keeping and testing requirements, and restrictions relating to chemical substances and/or mixtures. TSCA addresses the production, importation, use, and disposal of specific chemicals including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), asbestos, radon and lead-based paint.

The EPA, through the New Chemicals Program, looks to ensure proper review of chemical risks to human health and the environment by requiring notification, testing, import/export requirements and reporting obligations under various sections of the regulation. For example, persons who plan to manufacture or import a new chemical substance are required to file a pre-manufacture notification (PMN) or apply for an exemption. The PMN must be submitted prior to manufacture or import. Once the PMN is complete, the regulated person/company will then have obligations for maintaining information on chemical inventories under the Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) rule.

Of particular interest to the regulated community are recent amendments updating TSCA Section 8(a) reporting requirements. A wide range of companies are potentially impacted by these regulations, including: chemical substance manufacturers, processors and/or importers and petroleum refineries; utilities; paper manufacturers; primary metal manufacturers; and electronic component manufacturers – as well as other facilities.

ESC’s TSCA certification consulting a number of manufacturers (both domestic and international) to evaluate specific chemical substances and determine necessary notification and reporting obligations – providing assistance with PMNs as well as on-going reporting obligations.

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The following links provide access to TSCA certification and other regulatory program information.


Chemical Data Reporting under TSCA

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